Carbon Credit Organizations

Below, you’ll find information on organizations that issue carbon credits, and organizations that offer third party verification for credit issuers. Organizations are arranged alphabetically.

American Carbon Registry

Description from website:

  • “In both the voluntary carbon market and California’s regulated carbon market, ACR oversees the registration and verification of carbon offset projects following approved carbon accounting methodologies or protocols and issues offsets on a transparent registry system. Each offset represents the reduction or removal from the atmosphere equivalent to one metric tonne of carbon dioxide. The offsets products are specific to ACR’s distinct operations in the California compliance market and the global voluntary carbon market.”


  • Carbon offset provider
  • Partners with F&W Forestry
  • Has 67 registered forest carbon projects
  • Description from their website: “A leader in North American carbon markets since 2001, Bluesource has developed and currently manages the continent’s largest carbon offset portfolio. Our environmental, forestry, marketing and transactional professionals represent North America’s largest team devoted to turnkey forest carbon project development–and we’ve been voted Environmental Finance’s Best Project Developer (North American Markets) for five consecutive years. Our industry-leading partners include both private and public landowners, nonprofits and corporations.”

The Climate Registry

Description from website:

  • “The Climate Registry (TCR) is a non-profit organization governed by U.S. states and Canadian provinces and territories. TCR empowers North American organizations to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) by helping them measure, report, and verify their carbon footprints. TCR also drives climate ambition by developing innovative programs and services that reduce carbon, recognizing and showcasing sub-national leadership, and building strategic partnerships with and between national and international entities.”

Finite Carbon

  • Carbon offset provider
  • Partners with F&W Forestry
  • Description from Investable Universe: “Finite Carbon identifies and developed projects that enable landowners to generate revenue from the protection, restoration, and sustainable management of forest. Stewardship practices like these increase the amount of carbon stored in forests, and generate carbon offsets that are verified against industry-recognized standards. These offsets can be traded on markets.”


  • Carbon offset provider
  • Partners with F&W Forestry
  • Video description of their work:

South Pole

Description (From Wikipedia):

“South Pole is a Swiss carbon finance consultancy founded in 2006 in Zurich, Switzerland. The company has 18 offices across Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, North America and South America. South Pole’s business covers project and technology finance, data and advisory on sustainability risks and opportunities, as well as the development of environmental commodities such as carbon and renewable energy credits.”


“Together with our clients we have so far achieved the following results:

  • Positively affected 20 million people around the globe (around the total population of Sri Lanka)
  • Saved over 170 million tonnes of CO2 (around the annual GHG emissions of the US State of New York)
  • Developed over 700 projects in renewables, forestry, agriculture, industry, households and public institutions
  • Screened the climate footprint of over US$ 2 trillion of investments (in economic terms around double the nominal GDP of Indonesia)
  • Mobilised over US$ 15 billion clean energy investments (around the annual budget of the country of Uruguay)
  • Enabled the production of more than 140,000 GWh of renewable energy (almost half of the national annual electricity consumption of the UK)
  • Protected or restored over 55,000 km2 of land (around the total area of the African country of Togo)
  • Helped create nearly 100,000 jobs in developing countries (around the total number of employees of The Coca-Cola Company)”

Other carbon organizations